For nearly 40 years, Engelmeyer Land Surveying has been providing clients throughout Central Minnesota with a wide range of surveying services. Engelmeyer is locally owned and operated; we combine state-of-the-art equipment, a broad knowledge base and years of experience to ensure precise surveys. Whether you need help correctly identifying the boundaries of your property, a topographical survey, or assistance platting a subdivision, Engelmeyer Land Surveying is fully licensed and ready to go to work for you.

We are dedicated to leading the industry by employing cutting edge technology, by being efficient with our time, and by providing superior survey accuracy. An inaccurate survey can find you losing money on a real estate transaction, losing land to a neighboring property owner, losing construction contracts due to erroneous cost estimates, and more. At Engelmeyer Land Surveying, we understand the importance of getting surveys done right the first time. We’re sticklers for precision and accurately record details on all surveys including:

Subdivision Platting


Lot and Acreage Surveys


Topographic Surveys


Construction Surveys


GPS Surveys


Boundary Surveys


Alta/ACSM Land Title Surveys


Cemetery Services


Prompt, Professional Surveyors for All Seasons

Whatever your survey needs in Central Minnesota, contact Engelmeyer Land Surveying of Melrose, MN. Our regular business hours are Monday-Saturday, 6AM-8PM.